About us

Welcome to Deliverance Church Olepolos – The Church of Choice

We are more than delighted to host you in the Deliverance Church Olepolos. Our desire is that in the few minutes that you browse through you will be nourished and when logging out you will be more deeply rooted in the word of Christ as a Christian and ready to do extraordinary exploits like Daniel for it is your portion. (Dan. 11:32) You may check out the life changing Sunday sermon and the history of sermons. You may plan to attend the church activities and support any project like the building of The Cathedral. If you wish to join a cell or volunteer your skills and time we are more than willing to connect you to any of the available ministries in the church. Join us in any of our services or meetings as we grow together in Christ and make Jesus known to all. We appreciate and value you. – Rev Esther & Mathias Kamau

To reach out the world with the holistic gospel of Jesus Christ.

Deliverance church Olepolos exist as a community of believers and seek to minister to the ailing world through the preaching of gospel of Jesus Christ, Discipleship, mentorship and ultimately to spur the church to maturity through the power of the holy spirit to the glory of God.

  • Integrity
  • Faithfulness
  • Team work
  •  Spirit of Humility and Service
  • Godliness and Diligence